Raise More…Do More

Solutions that nurture donor relationships.

Raise More…Do More

Solutions that nurture donor relationships.


On average, organizations retain between 40-45% of their regular donors each year. Not bad, right? No, not good. This represents the loss of donors. Loss of revenue. And lost mission opportunity.

Each year, you must get new donors to replace the lost revenue.

And the cost to get a new donor is at least 5x more than the cost to keep an existing donor.

According to Dr. Adrian Sargeant, “a 10% increase in donor retention can increase the lifetime value of your donor database by 200%.

Donors help your organization thrive and make your mission possible.

Telephone Outreach is an excellent way to turn donors into lifetime supporters.

Retain More so you can Do More

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Donors give because they believe in your mission. Telephone outreach can keep them connected to your mission.

Our time-tested methods keep donors connected, appreciated and engaged. Engaged and inspired to renew or upgrade their giving.

Renew & Upgrade so you can Do More

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Thank You for the great work you do! Your organization makes the world a better place.

But sometimes it feels like the challenges weigh you down.

We know that feeling. We’ve been in your shoes. We’ve experienced the challenges.

Our experienced fundraising professionals help ease the challenges so you can Raise More and Do More.


“We’ve been able to stay connected to so many donors, alumni, and friends”. ~ Christian School

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