Building and nurturing relationships with donors is key to mission success.

Since 1997, J. Milito & Associates has helped nurture relationships through personal conversations with more than one million donors.

During those conversations, donors shared what inspires their giving and what doesn’t. They shared their joys, their sorrows, their challenges, and their frustrations. Together, we celebrated their generosity. We encouraged them and cried with them. And at their request, we prayed with them.

J. Milito & Associates changes conversations to commitments. Commitments that lead to mission success.

On average, J. Milito & Associates raises more than $1 million dollars annually for our clients.

The average donation is $224.

The cost to our clients to raise one dollar is $.20 with a Return on Investment of $5.02 raised for every dollar spent.

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“The fundraising outcomes have been well worth the investment.” ~ Human Service Agency


“For every dollar we invested, we received back $9.28. That’s a tremendous return for us.” ~ Christian School

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